Earn your part of $10 billion
in generalized mining returns.

HashEdge, the peer-to-peer marketplace for crypto mining and staking.



A decentralized "eBay" for generalized mining.
A peer-to-peer marketplace where contracts of future mining/staking crypto output can be traded.
A one-stop-shop for anyone to earn passive income by participating in the blockchain network.

for everyone

informed mining + staking

Use HashEdge’s real-time data on mining contract payouts and yields to find the crypto worth your time to mine/stake. List a contract and hedge your risk at scale.


We help you find the best deal in mining and staking, for yourself and by yourselves, with objective metrics, intuitive pricing tools and tamperproof credit rating.

HashEdge is uniquely positioned as a peer-to-peer marketplace which offers to users a variety of coins and service providers to choose from, as well as transparent and competitive pricing. Moreover, HashEdge platform is rule-based: service providers which has the best credit rating on-chain (long transaction history, low default) and the best price wins.

We provide you the choice to compare payoff and yields statistics across different types of crypto mining / staking contracts and compare across different cryptocurrencies.

Once you have determined what to mine, we help you identify credit-worthy miners/validators at their best price to delegate your money for mining or staking.

for miners and validators

scale your operation

Offer your service to anyone in the world. Use HashEdge to easily scale your operations and hedge your risks in one place.


Any blockchain network service provider (i.e. miner, validator) can “sell” their production to earn service fee, obtain capital to scale up operation or lock in price in advance to hedge their risk, all by simply listing a mining contract.

List contracts in less than 60 seconds:

  1. select your contract specs
  2. enter your price and quantity
  3. deposit collateral to the smart contract

    authenticate your miner or validator identity to lower your collateral requirement
for investors

mine your future

Safely earn passive income through HashEdge’s marketplace. Purchase the rights to any contract’s future mining payoff directly from its owner.


Anyone who buys the contract can expect to receive mining/staking payout directly from a miner or validator of a blockchain network. You can expect to receive daily cashflow in your choice of selected cryptocurrencies, according to either network standard payoff as calculated in the Generalized Mining Index, or the miner/validator's actual daily payoff. You may re-sell your contract at anytime by simply listing it at the HashEdge Marketplace.

The contractual agreement between the buyer and seller are enforced via smart contract. All transactions will be settled on chain with immutable records. Counter party risk will be eliminated with on-chain collateralization.


• What is generalized mining?

Generalized mining is defined as "any supply-side service provided by a third party to a decentralized network in exchange for compensation allocated by the network” according to Jake Brukhman. It's a new way of combining crypto investing and mining as many protocols move towards staking-based consensus mechanisms.

• How big is the generalized mining market?

In 2018, a total of over US$ 9 billion worth of POW mining rewards (BTC 698,448 worth US$ 5.4 billion & ETH 7,431,815 worth 3.6 billion) were rewarded to miners as block rewards and transaction fees. In 2019, with the gradual launch of POS networks, existing market for generalized mining is estimated to be over US$10 billion (an estimated US$ 2.5 billion worth of cryptos are POS network rewards according to Staked).

• Who are the service providers (keepers) of the blockchain network?

Ryan Zurrer from the Web3 Foundation has written an excellent piece decomposing the keepers (miners/validators, etc.) ecosystem: a catchall term for the different utility players in distributed networks that maintain stability and perform crucial jobs in the crypto-economic model.

• What is HashEdge?

HashEdge is a decentralized "eBay" for generalized mining, a peer-to-peer marketplace where contracts of future mining/staking crypto output can be traded. It is a one-stop-shop for anyone who would like to earn protocol-governed passive income through participating in a blockchain network by directly transacting with collateralized network keepers such as miners and validators.

• How is HashEdge different from Staking-as-a-Services and Cloud Mining Services?

Existing cloud mining sites and staking services are predominantly centralized, with risks of platform default. If you search for "cloud mining", one of the top association is "scams". Reportedly 95% of cloud mining in the past decade ran away with client money or failed to deliver coins mined on contracts sold. Staking services are relatively nascent, but similar cases also happened already with fake validators took clients' money and disappeared. HashEdge platform is decentralized by design, with publicly audit-able smart contracts act as the escrow while enforcing execution of contract between miners/validators and investors.

Existing cloud mining sites and staking services predominantly offer proprietary services: they either sell their own mining capacity or channel funds to their own nodes, rather than providing third party services. HashEdge is an independent platform that services the ecosystem of keepers.

• How is HashEdge different from a lending or crowd funding platform?

Existing decentralized lending services define platform specific yields products, creating their own rules that define how it generates returns. HashEdge offers a marketplace for passive-income schemes pre-defined within each blockchain's own layer 1 or lay 2 economic design. In other words, blockchain protocol define their own economic construct, we make a market for them to be accessible to average users.

• How can I try the HashEdge Alpha?

Sign-up for our demo below. The working demo of HashEdge is deployed on the Ethereum Ropsten TestNet. You will need to install Metamask browser extension. We recommend using Chrome, Firefox or Brave. We are currently PC-only, but mobile support and wallet integration are on the way!